Released April 24, 2016


The son of missionaries, STV -- aka Steve Counts -- celebrates the spiritual and delves deeply into themes of love, pain and redemption. His music pins you as the fly-on-wall voyeur over a brutally honest collection of songs in which he himself is the subject.

"The shape shifting between melodic hooks, heart break and anti-zeitgeist lyrics would make Trent Reznor and Bono turn in their graves."
- Todd Olivas, Hembot Records

STV is multi-talented instrumentalist. From an early age he picked up drums and guitar and later piano. But it is in his vocals that he displays a profound vulnerability equal parts frontman (think more Thom York than Tom Jones) and passionate romantic.

After establishing a host of Southern California bands (The Refuge, Killing Tree, Mule Davis, Boxer, Luxury Cruise Missile), STV set aside collaborative projects to attend law school, and write and record the songs that are now part of the three-album solo collection known as VCR, SOS and FIN.

On his debut album VCR, STV opens up a previously hidden journal of songs recorded -- quite unorthodoxly -- onto VCR tape between 2005 and 2010. On "Suburban Function" he sings about modern alienation and questions "has our love grown cold?" over a strummed acoustic guitar and laid back groove. Meanwhile "Ouch Don't Touch" casts himself as a bruised HAL 9000 licking his wounds while repeating "everything is going to be okay" over a 70s supermarket vibraphone and a programmed marching beat. This breadth of sonic and lyrical palette demonstrates an artistry that eschews convention in order to show truth and beauty.

STV is also the leader singer of Polarite with members of Plankeye, The O.C. Supertones, and Stavesacre.


Released December 11, 2015

STV-SOS is the second collection of songs in a triple album release (STV-VCR, STV-SOS, and STV-FIN). Each collection of songs contains nine songs and is either thematically or chronologically connected, with STV-SOS likely being the most overtly dark of the three albums. Those who choose to listen closely, however, may well discover a faint glimmer of the brightest of all lights.


Released July 24, 2015

VCR is STV's debut album.


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